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Top 10 Steps to Liquidated Pallet Buying

What is the process for purchasing pallets?

Step 1: Bring the Right Type of Vehicle

  • Pickup trucks work great!

    • Often, we can load the pallets right into the back of a pickup with our Fork lift/Hi-Lo.

  • You can bring a truck and trailer, we can load those up as well.

  • Most people bring an SUV for liquidated pallet buying

    • The larger the SUV the better

    • If you need to, you can leave some of your pallet at Liquidation Land and pick the rest of it up later the same day or the next day

  • Rent a truck

    • This is kind of expensive

  • Borrow someone's pickup

Step 2: Meet Our Staff

  • You'll see me or Eric right when you come in the door

  • Familiarize yourself with the whiteboard (which shows our pricing on pallets)

  • If you have any initial questions, please ask our friendly staff

Step 3: Look Around Our Store

  • Be observant of prices, types of pallets, sizes, etc.

  • Find products that you might be interested in

Step 4: Do Some Research

  • Look on the outside of the boxes to understand what's in the box

  • The boxes have barcodes, QR codes, pictures, and titles that'll tell you what the products are

  • We highly recommend downloading the Amazon App

    • iPhone Download

    • Android Download

      • You can use the camera on the Amazon app and aim your camera at the barcode or QR code to find the actual resell price on the item (that's on the pallet)

  • Please don't be afraid to ask us about other tricks that also work to find more value on a liquidated pallet

Step 5: Making the Final Decision

  • Look at the pallets you're interested in, and add up the value of the items that you've been looking at

Quick Tip: Not every pallet has lots of items on it that you can see

  • If you're unsure about pallets, pick the biggest liquidated pallet that has good looking boxes on it and go with that one

Step 6: Find Our Staff & Let Us Know You Chose a Pallet

  • Let us know that you picked a pallet

  • We will either write "SOLD" on it or put a "SOLD" sign on it

Step 7: Pay For Your Pallet

  • We accept cash, Venmo, credit card, and Zelle

    • We do have to charge an additional 3% fee for credit cards

Step 8: Transportation

  • Bring your vehicle to the back of our location, and we'll load it up for you

Step 9: Go Home and Sell!

  • We'll provide another video and link to it when it's completed, but this step is all about selling your products from your pallet

Step 10: Go Home and Sell!

  • Once you sell products, you don't need to wait to sell every single product!

  • It'll always take a little more time to sell the abnormal products

  • Come back to Liquidation Land, and grab another pallet! We'd love to see ya!


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